Amal Mukhfiya, Taskheer, Hamzad our Hajraa

Rathore Publisher Amal Mukhfiya, Taskheer, Hamzad our Hajraa

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Controlled book contains three sections. The first part contains the complete book "Iron Hood". In this book there is no compulsion, implication, effectiveness, non-functionalism, physical burnt zakaah, sun, lung, daramdar, effectiveness of cocoby, Chekhriar kobak, tehkhir shams, tehkhir al-Qamar, Sacrifice poisoners, occupy the bloody star, stirring Mars, procession creatures, hard work, fascinating princesses, presentations, feudal mausoleum, fever ..., fever, etc.. The second book comprises Surah Al-Asshah-e-Sharif and the deeds of actions. It is narrated by Zakaah, Duaa Sura Al-Hashsa, Malik Muqbal Syed Burjeel, Fatima Kabir Sur-al-Al-Asas and Fatima Zero Sura al-Hashs. And the third part consists of the works of the cephalis. This part comprises Khalid Ishaq Rathor Sahib's specialist actor Imran Bashir's special personal actions. The letters of the moon and the moon, the characters of the zakaat, the charismatic characters, the power of the sound, the process of linguistic (the character of the word), the attorney's bracelet, the protective circle, the fort, the process for the culprit, the type of fever, the procession Practice, tooth pain, great action for business development, operation for headache, easy operation and attendance Saura Kausar, Zakat's method, Zakaah of Impressions of Saura Kausar, Mera Sura Kausar, perfection and sophisticated benefits of Saha Kausar, For every disease, for shadow and oxygen, diagnosis of malnutrition, illness and illness, for example, love and love, easy attendance and attitudes. S Al Kawthar, the process for istikhaarah results, the process for istikhaarah, gift hazrat, hazrat stone, magic health. Hopefully the actions given in this book will prove encouraging, inviting and beneficial to people.
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