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About Atiqa Odho Cosmetics Online store in Pakistan - Yayvo.com

Atiqa Odho Color Cosmetic Online in Pakistan

Atiqa Odho is well-renowned actresses and fashion icon of Pakistan. With the diversity in her career and passion, she had introduced cosmetic products back in 2004 under her name Odho Cosmetic. It has an edge of being introduced as the first Pakistani makeup brand, which is specially designed for the local skin texture of Pakistani women. Atiqa Odho cosmetic has a wide range of makeup products and kits which includes lipsticks, eyeshadows, face powders, blush-on, contouring kits, blush kits and much more, and you can buy all these Atiqa Odho cosmetic products online exclusively from Yayvo.com at very reasonable prices.

Atiqa Odho cosmetic Key Features

The main attraction point of buying Atiqa Odho cosmetic is; Like other cosmetic celebrity brands Eva Mendes, Drew Barrymore, Jessica Alba, Tyra Banks, and Kat Von D, Odho cosmetic is the only ISO certified celebrity cosmetic brand of Pakistan. Moreover, Atiqa Odho cosmetic is also Halal Certified Pakistani makeup product so; you can use it without any worries.

Atiqa Odho Lipsticks

Odho cosmetics offers a wide range of lipsticks collection which includes 60 different shades, and all of them are quite impressive and attractive. So, choose lipstick which suits your mood.

Atiqa Odho Eyeshadows

Eyeshadows are the essential part of your daily makeup, and without it, your makeup kits look incomplete. Atiqa Odho Eyeshadows offers different trending shades which you can use easily for every type of makeup.

Atiqa Odho blush-on

Blushes are beauty makeup add-ons which enhance glow on your skin. Atiqa Odho blush-ons are developed for giving you a natural looking glow according to desirability.

Buy Atiqa Odho cosmetic Online at Yayvo.com

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