About Box Of Hope!

Box of Hope is Yayvo’s on-going CSR initiative where you can donate your unwanted household items such as gently used clothing, shoes, toys etc., to make a major difference in the life of another person. Box of Hope is a green solution, which not only helps you find a place for your unwanted items, but also reuses Yayvo box for a good cause.

With Box of Hope, take a stand and give back to the community. It is the best opportunity for you to be the lending hand for the unfortunate in the simplest possible way.

What is Box of Hope?   

It is the idea to reuse the Yayvo box for a bigger purpose, which is obtained upon any order in a frustration free packaging.

What is Frustration free Packaging?

Less amount of tape and other packing instruments are used in frustration free packaging. The box is built in a way that protects it from being destroyed while it is being unboxed. It is a hassle free box, that can easily be reused.

What items can be donated in the Box of Hope?

You can put in gently used clothes, books, toys, stationery items & school bags in the box.

What is the process of Box of Hope?

The Yayvo box in which you received your purchased items in or the stocked away Yayvo box can be filled with the above mentioned things and Yayvo will make sure it reaches the less fortunate.

1.Fill in the Yayvo box with your old items
2. Paste the sticker provided by Yayvo on the box
3. Drop off the box at your nearest TCS Express Centre free of cost
4. The box will be delivered to Saylani Welfare by TCS.

Why Saylani Welfare?

Saylani Welfare is the biggest and the most credible charity organization in Pakistan. Once the package is delivered to them, we know that it will be in the right hands.