Coolbell CB-8003-Backpack-15.6"-Grey

By Coolbell
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  • Dimensions: 48 x 32 x 18 cm
  • 15.6 inch laptop fit
  • Material: high-grade slip-resistant fabric
  • Waterproof

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Coolbell CB-8003 - Backpack - 15.6" - Grey

CB 8003 has a unique design this backpack Model 2017 is designed with 1 large compartment lock through 360 degrees. You can spread out the bales and arrange the furniture neatly and neatly. At the same time, the lock head is hidden inside so it is absolutely safe to steal when you move. The CB 8003 is designed with a variety of small compartments. You can store a wide range of accessories from wallet, phone, charger, staff card, student card, Use of learning such as pens, books, notebooks ... Moreover, the strap is equipped with convenient accessory glass. At the same time CB 8003 is dedicated to travel because they have modern luggage straps. CB 8003 has a separate external laptop compartment. The inside is equipped with a strong anti-shock layer to ensure absolute security for your laptop. CB 8003 also has an internal USB cable, so you can easily put the phone in your pocket while still charging. This feature is very convenient for those who have to move much on the road and use the phone frequently. The material of the CB 8003 is a combination of durable materials, sure. The lock made of inbox material, made from high-grade fabric can slide water and dust. Inside is covered by an absolutely waterproof fabric. The color is suitable for both men and women. It is easy to combine with the costume to go to school, work or play.
General Brand Coolbell
Vendor Vendex Traders
Features Weight 0.5000