, COMPAQ, Presario V6100 Series, 452056-001-Laptop Battery-6 Cell

HP , COMPAQ, Presario V6100 Series, 452056-001-Laptop Battery-6 Cell

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 Capacity: 4400mAh• Cell Quantity: 6• Type: Li-Ion• Compatibility: HP Pavilion DV2000, DV2100, DV2200, DV2300, DV2400, DV2500, DV2600, D...

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Lengthen the life to your HP Laptops by getting this 6 cell battery. Compatible with a wide array of HP Laptops, this battery allows you prolonged time and gets charged rapidly compared to other batteries. This battery is also safe from overheating and overcurrent. So get this battery and use your HP laptop as much as you want! 


G6000 EV088AA
G7000 EV089AA
Pavilion dv2000 Series EX940AA
Pavilion dv2100 Series EX941AA
Pavilion dv2200 Series HSTNN-C17C
Pavilion dv2300 Series HSTNN-DB31
Pavilion dv2400 Series HSTNN-DB32
Pavilion dv2500 Series HSTNN-DB42
Pavilion dv2600 Series HSTNN-IB31
Pavilion dv2700 Series HSTNN-IB32
Pavilion dv2800t Artist Edition HSTNN-IB42
Pavilion dv6000 Series HSTNN-LB31
Pavilion dv6200 Series HSTNN-LB311
Pavilion dv6300 Series HSTNN-LB42
Pavilion dv6500 Series HSTNN-OB31
Pavilion dv6600 Series HSTNN-OB42
Pavilion dv6700 HSTNN-Q21C
Pavilion dv6700t HSTNN-Q33C
Pavilion dv6700z HSTNN-W20C
Presario A900 HSTNN-W34C
Presario C700 Series NBP6A48A1
Presario F500 Series VE06
Presario F700 Series 441462-251
Presario F755 441611-001
Presario V3000 Series 446506-001
Presario V3500 Series 446507-001
Presario V3600 Series 446507-001
Presario V6000 Series 451864-001
Presario V6100 Series 452056-001
Presario V6200 Series 452057-001
Presario V6300 Series 454931-001
Presario V6500 Series 455804-001


Type: Li-ion Battery
Capacity: 4400mAh Battery
Voltage: 10.8V 
Cell quantity: 6-Cell 


1. Li-Ion Laptop Battery 10.8V and 11.1V are in common use. 
2. Li-Ion Laptop Battery 14.4V and 14.8V are in common use.

General Brand HP
Vendor Battery Parcel
Features Weight 1.0000