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About Dawlance Home & Kitchen Appliances Online Store in Pakistan - Yayvo.com

Dawlance Home & Kitchen Appliances Online in Pakistan

You all have must heard about the famous slogan of Dawlance, “kyunk Dawlance reliable hai”. It didn’t fail in proving its slogan, and since 1980, it has been manufacturing the most reliable home appliances. Years back, it began with offering only refrigerators but later it expanded its product line to a wide range of deep freezers, small appliances, washing machines, air conditioners, kitchen appliances and many more.

Today its offerings include three categories, Food Care, Fabric Care and Home Care. Vast collection of electronic products is available in these categories.

Home appliances have become essential for us. It has provided us with a lot of ease in our daily lives. Reheating the leftover food and defrosting the frozen food was never as easy as it is now with Microwave oven. Blender is a complete time saver for emulsifying food, vegetables etc as compared to hand blending.

In this melting heat, we can still stay cool and comfortable with Air conditioners. They maintain the perfect temperature all the year long. Automatic washing machines have enabled females to wash the clothes in less time in comparison with manual washing machine which not only consumes hours for doing the same task but also makes it a tedious chore.

Refrigerators are best for food placement. Cooked or uncooked food and vegetables can easily be freeze in refrigerators. In short, these appliances have become a necessity for us today.

Dawlance appliances online at best prices-Yayvo.com

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