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About Delivering Change

Ramzan is the best time to be a helping hand to anyone that is in dire need of your help. The help could be small or large, it could be monetary or any other thing you want to give away to add up to someone's life and happiness. This is the what Yayvo believes in. This Ramzan, Yayvo is giving you the chance to be a part of someone’s life and help them in not just any way, but in a way that is closest to your heart.

Yayvo is giving you the opportunity to donate to the cause that you believe in the most, and a list of organizations you can go for whilst donating. The idea of this campaign is to give you the most convenient way to donate, without having to look around for a credible organization, you will have a list of them to choose from through Yayvo.

Yayvo has highlighted four main ideologies that you could be a part of- Health, Education, Vocational Training and Act of Kindness. These are the four causes that you can opt from while making any donation.

What is Delivering Change?

Every act of kindness can be meaningful and bring change in someone’s life, thus this Ramzan donate for the cause closest to your heart be a part of delivering change through Yayvo.

Which organizations are on board with Yayvo for this campaign?

1. Aman Foundation
2. The Citizens Foundation
3. Saylani Trust
4. LRBT (Layton Rahmatulla Benevolent Trust)
5. Behbud Association
6. Akhuwat Foundation

What is Health?

Health focuses on donating for an individual's well being & saving lives. It believes in altering lives by creating a better standard of living for them.

Which organizations can we donate to for this purpose?

You can donate to Aman Foundation, Behbud Association, LRBT (Layton Rahmatulla Benevolent Trust), Saylani Welfare for this purpose.

What is meant by the Educational Services?

It focuses on helping the underprivileged to create better educational opportunities for their brighter future. It includes providing them with books, bags and other educational material along with the educational services.

Which organizations will be best suited for this purpose?

You can donate to Saylani Welfare, The Citizens Foundation, Behbud Association and Akhuwat Foundation.

What is included in Vocational training?

Vocational training is when an individual is provided hands on training which basically goes on for six months approximately. It is more practical and technical based knowledge. While donating for this cause you are giving an individual a chance to develop his skill set and putting it to use as soon as he gets done with his training.

Which organizations are working for this purpose?

You can donate to The Citizens Foundation, Behbud Association and Saylani Welfare for this cause. 

What is an Act of Kindness?

Even a little act of kindness can bring a smile on someone’s face. Thus this cause helps you to build a pleasure worthy moment for a person in the times of despair and just give them a reason to smile.

Which organizations are working for this cause?

You can donate to Akhuwat Foundation, Saylani Welfare and Aman Foundation for this cause.

How can we donate?

Log on to www.yayvo.com/delivering-change and choose the cause of your choice to carry on with the process of donation.