Deluxe Insect Killer Ag-3084 - White

ANEX Deluxe Insect Killer Ag-3084 - White

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Kills insects using ultra violet rays
Anex Deluxe Insect Killer Kills flies, cockroaches, mosquitoes and other insects
Bugs-Be-Gone! Anex Insect Killer AG-3084 is an effective way to kill insects anytime, anywhere. It traps insects and kills it using a black light. It can kill flies, cockroaches, mosquitoes and other crawling and flying insects. This model is safe to use at your home, restaurant or office. In addition, it avoids the use of highly toxic chemicals and is eco-friendly. No chemical, no sprays, no smell, no mess, pollution free and harmless to humans and pets. Tubes are replaceable and easy to clean. Use it to protect yourself from insect bites and illness. Get rid of creepy crawlers with this efficient Westpoint WF-7115 Insect Killer. Available online at an affordable price on yayvo.com.
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