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Waht is the shipping fee for Hazir 120 Minutes?

The shipping fee for Hazir 120 Minutes delivery is Rs. 200

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What is Hazir 120 Minutes delivery service?

<p style="text-align: justify;">Hazir 120 Minutes delivery is a vlue added service from which you can get specific products in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad/Rawalpindi within 120 Minutes.</p>

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Where do I see exactly how much I will be charged for shipping?

<p>Exact shipping fee will be shown at checkout page below subtotal amount.</p>

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How are shipping costs calculated?

Shipping costs are calculated based on the weight of your order. Standard shipping charges are Rs. 150 across Pakistan.

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How much will I be charged for shipping?

Yayvo offers free shipping nationwide for all orders over Rs. 1,000. On orders below Rs.1,000, the shipping cost of Rs.150 will be applied.

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In case I have to order a product, do I have to reply to the quotation email within a certain time frame?

<p>You are advised to revert to the Quotation email at your earliest, because in case your take long to revert the product you requested for might go out of stock at Amazon.com.</p>

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How can I claim warranty for the product I have purchased from Amazon.com?

Warranty is applicable and will be dealt by Amazon.com directly.

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How about import duties and taxes?

International shipping is calculated based on a number of factors including, the number of items you are purchasing, the weight of the items, and the destination country.

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How will I know how much my order will cost?

Upon requesting a product, you will receive a Quotation email with complete costing details for your order, including Shipping &amp; Clearing charges.

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Is requesting a product at Yayvo.com same as ordering the product from Amazon.com?

Requesting a product at Yayvo.com is not same as ordering the product from Amazon.com. When you request a product on Yayvo.com, you only share a link of the product you&rsquo;d like us to bring for you from Amazon.com. Your order for the product will only be placed after you have agreed to the costing shared with you via Quotation email.

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Is every item eligible for shipping in Pakistan from Amazon.com?

Unfortunately, some items are restricted for import including hazardous materials, aerosols, liquids and other restricted items. (Please see the contraband items list).

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How can I order from Amazon.com USA?

It's easy! Go to the product page on Amazon.com, copy the link from the address bar and paste it on the Product URL field on the International Request Form. Fill in your personal details and press the submit button.

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How about international duty and other charges?

The recipient of an international shipment may be subject to import taxes, customs duties, VAT and fees, which are levied once a shipment reaches the recipient's country. Additional charges for customs clearance must be borne by the recipient (if any); we have no control over these charges and can't predict what they may be. Customs policies vary widely from country to country; you should contact your local customs office for more information. When customs clearance procedures are required, it can cause delays beyond our original delivery estimates.

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How are international shipping charges calculated?

International shipping is calculated based on a number of factors including, the number of items you are purchasing, the weight of the items, and the destination country.

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In what currency are the prices displayed in?

Prices are displayed in PKR, GBP, AED and US Dollars. You can select the currency you wish to make the payment in from top of homepage.

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What payment methods are accepted?

Customers in Pakistan can pay via:

Online Visa/Master Card, especially for customers who live outside Pakistan.

Net banking from UBL, ABL, HBL and Bank Alfalah.

NetConnect ( Keenu)

MCB Lite

Customers abroad can make payments via:

Credit Card ( Visa / Master)

NetConnect / IBAN

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How can I claim warranty from abroad?

Unfortunately, there is no return or warranty policy for International orders at Yayvo.com.

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How will I know how much my order will cost?

You will get to know the complete cost for your order at the checkout page.

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Is every item eligible for international shipping?

Unfortunately, some items are restricted for export including hazardous materials, aerosols, liquids and other restricted items. Also, some items are meant to be shipped only in Pakistan.

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Which countries do you ship to?

Yayvo.com delivers to 225 countries worldwide! You can now place your orders from Pakistan or anywhere around the world and can get it delivered.

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Does Yayvo.com ensure my order is correct and in proper condition?

When picking up your order from the vendor, we will do our best to ensure the following:

• That your order is in its original packaging as provided by the vendor
• That your order is as per the requirements you specified
• That the packaging slip is intact and applied to your package(s)

However, Yayvo.com CANNOT be held responsible for the following:

• Validating the contents of your package
• Checking the quality, suitability or content of your purchased products
• Ensuring there are no problems with your purchased product.

oblems with your purchased product.

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Do all products on the Yayvo.com website come with warranties & after sales support?

When you purchase any product from our website you are guaranteed the highest quality after sales support. Warranties for products differ based on their respective vendors.

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Where can I find the warranty information for a specific product?

The warranty information for each product is available in its product description on the Yayvo.com website.  In the case a product does not come with a warranty from the official distributor, this will also be clearly stated in the “Additional Information” on the product page.

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How will Yayvo.com assist me if I need to make a warranty claim?

Warranty claim differs based on the respective product supplier and Yayvo.com does not offer any warranty claims from its side.

All warranty claims will be dealt with the vendor directly at their respective service centers. 

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How can I cancel my order?

If you have already made the payment but have not received your package as yet, you may cancel your order by calling our Call Center at (021) 111-192-986 or by emailing us at cs@yayvo.com.

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How will I be refunded if I cancelled my order before delivery?

After making payment if you cancel your order before it was delivered, you will be refunded by receiving credits on your Yayvo.com account which you can use to make future purchases.

If you would prefer to be reimbursed via cheque, you may request the same by calling our Call Center at (021) 111-192-986  or email us at cs@yayvo.com. You should receive the cheque within 2 – 3 weeks of your request.

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What if the product I want is ‘Out of Stock’?

Product inventory is maintained by the vendor of the product, if a product runs out, it will either not be visible on the website or it will be marked as “Out of Stock”. An estimated lead time for order fulfillment will be informed upon inquiry.

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Can I pre-order a product?

Product availability for pre-order depends mainly on the vendors. If the option is available, it will clearly be mentioned on the product screen, and also advertised on the website and through the Facebook and Twitter pages.

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When will you have special offers or deals on products and how will I know?

Deals and promotions will be advertised on Yayvo.com products regularly on the website and through our Facebook and Twitter Pages along with other on-ground and media activities.

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Do I have to pay any taxes on the products I order?

The prices are inclusive of all applicable taxes and duties. 

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How do I return the product I purchased in case of a problem?

In case of problem with your purchase, let us know by sending an email to cs@yayvo.com or give us a call at (021) 111-192-986 within 7 days.

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What if there is a problem with the product I purchased?

If you're facing problems with your product, you can visit the nearest warranty claims / service center for the product, or call the Call Center at (021) 111-192-986, and the representative will make every effort to facilitate in this regard.

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What if I'm not satisfied with my purchase?

If your purchase is faulty, defective, damaged, or does not match the original specifications for the product or is found to be not the same as you had actually purchased, you may lodge a complaint with &nbsp;Call Center at 111-192-986 or send an email to cs@yayvo.com, and our representatives will make the best effort to facilitate in resolving the problem with the vendor.

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What happens if I’m not there when my order is delivered?

Generally, all shipments will be delivered between 11am and 8pm between Mondays and Saturdays. If you are not available, you may be contacted by our representative to determine the next possible time to visit, or to whom the order can be handed over in your absence.

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Where will my order be delivered?

When placing your order, you will be asked to enter your complete address under the ‘Billing Information’tab. At the bottom of this screen, there will be two options:

• Ship to this address
• Ship to different address

By selecting “Ship to this address”, the package will be delivered to the address you first entered. If you select the “Ship to different address” you will be asked to provide the address you wish the package to be shipped to.

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How do I pay cash on delivery?

Once all items you wish to purchase have been added to your cart, follow the steps below to pay with cash.

1. Click ‘Proceed to Check Out’

2. Fill in the ‘Billing Information’ and ‘Shipping Method’ forms

3. In the Payment Information form, select “Cash on Delivery”.

4. Click on “Buy Now”. Note your Order Number which will be provided to you at the Thank You screen

5. Your package will be delivered via TCS courier before or on the expected delivery date

6. You’ll be asked for the required amount in cash at the time of the delivery and will be provided with a Yayvo.com receipt along with your purchase.

You can pay Cash on delivery up to Rs. 100,000

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How do I complete or checkout an order?

Once your shopping cart has all the items that you wish to purchase, it’s time to checkout by making payments and entering your delivery address. This is made much easier if you’ve already registered with Yayvo.com. You’ll be asked to enter information for:

1. Billing Information
2. Payment Information

1. Billing Information

• If you’ve signed in to Yayvo.com, the billing information will already be entered into the billing information screen.
• If you haven’t registered with Yayvo.com, you will be required to enter your Name and Address. You’ll also have an easy option to register at this point in if you like.

At the bottom of both screens, there will be an option to ‘Ship to this address’ or ‘Ship to a different address’. This is important if you like to pay with a credit card and need to ship your product to an address different to the one linked to your bank information. If you select ‘Ship to a different address’ you’ll be taken to a similar screen titled ‘Shipping Information’ where you’ll enter the address where you want the product shipped to. Once you’re done entering the required information, click on the continue button.


2. Payment Information

At the top of the payment information screen shows you a summary of the information you’ve entered so far for your Billing Information and Shipping Method. It’s a good idea to review this and make any changes if necessary.

The second section of the Payment Information screen shows you an order summary including the products you ordered, their price, quantity, subtotal, cost of shipping method and Grand Total.

The third section of the screen lets you select how you’d like to make your payment. For more information on the different types of payment options and their requirements visit the Payments FAQ section.

The final step in completing your online shopping is to click on ‘Place Order’. Once you place your order, you’ll receive a Order Number and confirmation email address. Make sure you save that until you receive your order since it can be used for tracking your shipment and other queries related to your purchase.

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How do I place an order?

Once you have found the product you want, it’s time to place your order! There are three ways you can place your order:

1. Ordering through the Product Screen

2. Add to Cart Button

3. Using the Quick View Option


1. Ordering through the Product Screen

When ordering through the product screen you can enter the quantity of products that you want in the quantity field and click ‘Add to Cart’. This way, you can purchase 2 or 3 pieces of the same product without repeating the process!

Clicking on the ‘Add to Cart’ button will take you to your Shopping Cart screen where you’al see a list of the products you’ve selected, the price, quantity, subtotals and grand total. Once you’ve added all products into your shopping cart click the ‘Proceed to Checkout’ to complete your shopping.

2. Add to Cart Button from the Categories Screen

On the categories screen, there’s an option to add to cart which you can use if you already know the details of the product. 

3. Ordering through Quick View 

When you place your mouse over a product in the category view, you’ll get the Quick View option. By clicking it, you will get a summary of the product including Price, Availability, and a Quick Overview. You will also have an option to ‘Add to Cart’ if you wish to purchase the product.

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Why should I update my Account Information?

Updating your account will help us identify the right products that you may be interested in. Also, but keeping all your information up to date you won&rsquo;t have to re-enter your details when shopping online, making the process easier.

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What is the Account Dashboard?

The Account Dashboard is the central information hub for all your activity on Yayvo.com. You can:

My Account a dashboard view your recent orders, account information, billing and shipping addresses, and newsletters you have signed up to receive by email

Account Information view / update your personal information, and newsletter subscriptions

Address Book view / update your billing and shipping addresses

My Orders summary of your orders placed, with status and amounts, and an option to reorder

My Product Reviews list of product reviews you have submitted on Yayvo.com

My Wishlist list of products you have selected to include in your wishlist

Newsletter Subscriptions list of subscriptions you have placed

My Credit your credit balance with us, paid in advance

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Do you have a return policy?

Yes! We offer 7-day returns!*
*Not applicable on Edibles / Perishables & Mobile phones / Tablets

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What are the delivery charges?

Yayvo promisies to redifined online shopping in Pakistan and as part of our promotional offer we are offering free Shipping across Pakistan as of now. 

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When will my order be delivered?

Order delivery takes up to 5 days, depending on the size and availability of the product nearest to you. 

Orders are processed before 1 p.m. on a work day and are generally scheduled for delivery the following work day, except:

• Where they are to arrive from a different city than where the customer resides; or
• There is a delay in the availability of the product from the vendor.

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How can I track my order?

We have an order tracking tool added at the top of our website, where you can insert your order and get the latest update regarding your order. You can also call us at our Call Center, where our representatives are ready to serve you.

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How can I pay for my order?

There are multiple payment options available for your convenience:

  • Cash on Delivery on orders up to Rs.100,000.
  • JazzCash-Online Visa/Master Card
  • Jazz Cash Mobile Account
  • Jazz Cash - Voucher



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Can my billing address and shipping address be different?

Yes, you can have your orders delivered to any address in Pakistan, which may be different than the billing address. At the time of placing the order, you are asked for a billing address and a shipping address. You can also have more than one shipping address for your account.

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How do I register with Yayvo.com?

Registering with Yayvo.com is easy. You can either

1. Create a unique account on Yayvo.com; or

2. Log in with your Facebook account

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From where can I place my orders?

You can be anywhere in the world to place your orders on Yayvo.com, and have them delivered to anywhere in Pakistan. If you are placing an order from Pakistan, you can shop from the web, visit your nearest TCS Express Center, or call up the TCS Call Center to get advice and also place your orders. And of course you have various payment options to choose from as per your convenience.

er your convenience.

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How do you ensure all your products are original or authentic?

We research and identify the vendors of each product from the regional and global headquarters for each brand and company. This way we can guarantee that they are the original product distributors in Pakistan

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Do you sell replica, imitation, or counterfeit products?

Yayvo.com is committed to providing you access to original products, there is no room for counterfeit or replica products on Yayvo.com. We ensure that all products are sourced from original manufacturers and distributors, to give you the quality and promise you deserve.

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I don’t use a computer, how can I buy from Yayvo.com?

You don t have to use a computer or be online to buy from Yayvo.com. You can call our Call Center at (021) 111-192-986 and can place your orders from anywhere around the globe and Pakistan (free delivery of the purchased items is available in Pakistan only). You can also contact your nearest TCS Express Center.

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Which products are available on Yayvo.com?

Yayvo is an online shopping portal having a huge variety of categories from men's fashion to women's fashion along with beauty and grooming. The website contains all the latest mobiles and tablets brands featuring high tech phones and tablets. If you ever feel hungry and want something to munch on get it from soghaat. Yayvo also offer complete school and educational gear and syllabus that you will need in school. All that you want for your home and living from the appliances to entertainment products you will get all the brands on Yayvo. We have a separate kids and baby section where you can get all the stuff for your baby including clothes, toys, learning material and more. The health and sports section makes sure to provide you with fitness and exercising products you won't find anywhere else.

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What is Yayvo.com?

Yayvo.com is a one of a kind shopping destination and experience, offering original brands with an extensive variety of products, invaluable offers and deals, flexible payment options, after sales and support, with nationwide delivery. All of this from the luxury of your home, with a promise of Pakistan's premier e-marketplace Yayvo.com is a service of TCS E-COM.

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