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About Game On This Summer - Buy LED TVs, Gaming Consoles & Sound Systems in Pakistan – Yayvo.com

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All work and no play don’t sound good. After all our work, we refresh ourselves by playing various games, online games, game apps or games like Xbox and PlayStation. In fact, a large number of gamers state that they feel computer and video games provide more value for their money. Video games tend to boost the intelligence of children. In fact, they help children to sharpen the skills.

When it comes to game apps, you need to be sure that your smart phone has enough memory and storage for the app. Also with that, the code processor should be fast to run the phone with high speed performance.

Online games mostly refer to computer or laptop games. Game lovers need to look on some features before playing online games on laptop/computer.  High Memory, storage and fast processor enables multitasking without getting the device hanged. High storage allows installing many games at the same time so invest in SSD for faster game installs and load times. Don’t look for touch screen laptops for gaming purpose as it drains battery. Pick up the high resolution laptops with good displays and good graphics.

Xbox One & Xbox 360

Xbox comes with the amazing features that hook the youngsters to the screens. On Xbox one S, all greatest games can be played including Xbox, with an internal power supply and up to 2TB of internal storage.

PlayStation Store

PlayStation lets you to enjoy playing some of the best games that system offers including Second Son, Kill zone, Shadow fall and Knack etc. PlayStation has built-in wireless networking so you can easily connect to online games. The slim PlayStation 4 has 500 GB drive, greatest games, music and much more.