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Gaming Bloody Mouse - V7m

A4-Tech Gaming Bloody Mouse - V7m

By A4-Tech
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Be protech and grab the latest Gaming Bloody Mouse - V7m. It's integrated with the latest functional features.

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• Features: • Maximum Resolution?3,200 dpi adjustable • Frame Capacity: 3.68M pixels / sec • Accelerating Speed?30g • Tracking speed: 75 inches / sec (ips) • Report Rate(USB): 125?1,000Hz/sec (3-level user selectable) • Gaming Mouse • Bloody Multi-Core Gaming Mouse VM Series offer a wide assortment in shape and size according to individual player's needs, so as to increase the operating stability and best fit for in-game control! Exclusive Metal X'Glide Armor Boot is frictionless, durable and wear-resistant. The smooth surface enhancement glides 20% faster and last more than 300Km of travelled usage. • Exclusive-Resolves "Over-Clicking" malfunction: • Greatly improves key-switch life span. • Exclusive• Unique 3-core system: • It incorporates "Low, High, Ultra" 3 various levels for all game requirements. For instance, Core1 is suitable for Role Playing Games, Core 2 is suitable for FPS games and Core3 is suitable for senior FPS games • Exclusive-3 shooting Modes in Left Button: • Use "1, N, 3" keys to shift the left button with 3 shooting modes., e.g. "single shot, 2x shot, and 3-burst shot” to boost up the firepower for the best funs performance. • 8 Programmable Buttons: • adequate for playing FPS shooting games with 3 shooting modes in left button. • The World's #1, Extreme 1ms Key Response Time: • Exclusive "Ahead" technology reduces key response time to 1ms (normal time for others is 18ms). It significantly reduces the key response time stay ahead of your enemies in game play! Download “Mouse Click Speed Response” software here and see it for yourself! • Exclusive-Advanced 3 Core System: • Bloody offers unique 3-core system. It incorporates "Low, High, Ultra" 3 various levels for all game requirements. For instance, Core1 is suitable for role-player games, Core 2 is suitable for FPS games and Core3 is suitable for senior FPS games • Exclusive "AHEAD" Technology: • Key response boosts up to extreme 1msResolves “Over-Clicking” malfunction, greatly prolong mouse button's life span. • 3 Shooting Modes in Left Button: • Exclusive Ultra Gun3 offers 3 shooting modes shifted by "1, N, 3" keys to boost up firepower for the best firearms performance! • Armor Boot-X'Glide Pro Metal Mouse Feet. Durable, Sensitive, Frictionless (Included): • Advantage 1--Super wear-resistant, • Advantage 2--Enhanced sensitivity • glides 20% faster • Advantage 3--Quality remains after 300Km of abrasion test • Exclusive-Advanced Weapon Tuning: • The world's first gaming mouse that allows you to advance fine-tune your weapon and concentrate trajectory for the best headshot rate. • Exclusive-Headshot 5-way Gun Adjustments: • The exclusive Headshot offers 5 gun adjustment modes; they are, respectively, A-Burst, B-Strafe, C-Machine, D-In-Game and M-Macro of 5 gun adjustment modes. Depending on various FPS games, use 5-way gun adjustments to improve firearms performance. • Exclusive-Armory Management: • May preform pre-game gun adjustments and preset data saved in the armory allow immediate access to the fine-tuned weapon and cursor balancing to your favorite guns. • Exclusive-D-In_Game Gun Adjustment: • Use this mode in the gameplay when other firearms are picked up, you may use [D-in_Game] to perform In-game gun adjustment without quitting the game for immediate effects of improved shooting accuracy and intensive firepower. • Exclusive-7 Gun Adjustment Parameters: • 7 parameters to perform gun adjustment: "Bullet number", "Shooting interval", "Trajectory offset", "Sight return", "Non-return", "Main cycle" and "Sub cycle" which yields improved recoil suppression and concentrated trajectory. • Exclusive-Oscar Macro Settings: • Depending on various gaming applications, Oscar offers simple logic commands to auto-execute complex actions with only one click to the button. • Upgradable Firmware and Software: • From time to time, Ultra-Core software/firmware can be upgrade to keep the product in the latest edition and best-tuned condition. • Built-in 160K Memory: • Built-in 160K bit memory allows user to save as many as 4000 command lines and perform macros to the max! • Specification: • Main core: Intelligent 3 coresNumber of Buttons: 7 buttons + 1 wheel Encoder?High precision optical engineTransmission?Wired Connector?USB (2.0 / 3.0)System supports?Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8Cable length?1.8m • GAMING PERFORMANCE: • Maximum Resolution?3,200 dpi adjustableFrame Capacity: 3.68M pixels / secAccelerating Speed?30gTracking speed: 75 inches / sec (ips)Report Rate(USB): 125?1,000Hz/sec (3-level user selectable)Key Response time: less than 1msMemory: 160K bits
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