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The characters are actually called the characters' characters in the common language. That's why these characters have a special place in knowledge and practice. It is imperative to enlighten the character of Noorani to accomplish any good work in the world. This is the success and power of the Noorani language, which has scolded the book Mr. Khalid Ishaq Rathor on this subject and you know that his pen has given the power to read his writing once. She is persuaded. In this book, many issues have been discussed, but a few are being mentioned here so that the readers can understand the significance and utility of this particular book. Vocabulary alignment nurse. Special characters and symbols (letters ranging from length and solar). Kauser Kabir (39th). Characters and elements Reform zodiac (by letter nurani). Kauser through special special effects of Kokab. Personal and special action. Fourth Thursday Balance letters and solutions problems and difficulties. God bless you. Twelve bright nights Fatehumani Noorani. Process Aurora + Alphabet Nurani Shuffle and Alphabets. Lightning sunlight. Bismillah Noori
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