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iDroid USA Smartphones Online Store in Pakistan!

iDroid USA was founded in 2014, and within just two years it has rapidly taken over the US market with its futuristic features, top of the line expertise, and heavy duty battery. They’re leaders in Android tablets and smartphones as well as feature phones. Their goal is to bring the latest features at a durable quality for customers’ at the most affordable prices which simply can’t be surpassed.

Within a very short time, iDroid has launched its various products in different countries like UAE, USA, Canada, Latin America, Africa, and EU. So it’s no wonder iDroid is ready to take over Pakistani mobile market with full throttle and we’re proud to announce Yayvo as official partners. We reckon Pakistani Android market will change forever once iDroid is launched.

Why You Need to Buy iDroid Smartphones

The specialty about iDroid is, it gives you smartphones with all demanding features like impressive camera, fast processing processor, long lasting battery and much more in lowest price. If you are looking for impressive build quality smartphone by staying in the budget than iDroid should be your preference. iDroid is solely working on facilitating customers by producing premium quality mobile devices by staying in budget.

There are numerous features that make iDroid the king of the game, here are some of them:

  • iDro Beast: It drastically enhances sound quality.
  • Selfie Flash: iDroid smartphones are built with a front facing flash to give you the perfect selfie, no matter the lighting.
  • Air Gesture Technology: Lets you use your iDroid smartphone with simple gestures/without a touch.
  • iDroid Hub:  Gives you instant access to thousands of apps and online stores.
  • iDroid Brite: Ensures you get crisp and clear picture quality.
  • iDroid Rescue:  Enables a fast connection to a certified customer care professional to assist you with software issues.

Out with the old and in with the new; prepare to stay ahead of the trend by getting an iDroid smartphone. iDroid Royal V5, iDroid King, iDroid Tango 2 and iDroid Balr X7 have already taken the U.S. market by storm; now it’s all set to create a buzz in the local Pakistani market.

iDroid BALR x7 is the perfect phone of today and tomorrow. Integrated with a 5.5” HD touch screen, 1280x720 HD resolutions it’s easy to work with and delivers High Definition display. iDroid Balr X7 designed with a light and elegant body, it comes with a 2800MAH battery life with 250 hours standby time, and up to 5 hours talk time.

Lately, iDroid is focused on the much-awaited launch of the latest iDroid Blar X7 in Pakistan. Don’t miss out; get your hands on this amazing Android phone with truly awesome features today.

Buy iDroid Smartphones Online in Pakistan at Yayvo.com

You can buy the latest iDroid Balr X7 online from Yayvo.com at a very affordable price and enjoy it’s all impressing features while staying in budget.