Kirkland Severe Cold & Flu Symptom DayTime 60 ct (MADE IN USA)

HomeShopper Kirkland Severe Cold & Flu Symptom DayTime 60 ct (MADE IN USA)

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This Kirkland Signature product warns that if your sore throat is severe or persists for more than 2 days, you should consult a doctor promptly.

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Kirkland Signature products are always competitive on price, quantity, and quality when compared to the name brands. Although we all hate the flu season, sometimes it creeps up on us despite the best efforts and intentions to wash hands. Therefore, it’s always best to have some sort of multi-symptom cold and flu reliever in the medicine cabinet at your home. Just in case. The Kirkland Severe Cold & Flu Symptom Reliever tackles many common cold or flu symptoms.

There are a daytime and nighttime formula in this unit. Its ingredients and properties are tailored to the needs of sleeping through the night with a cold or flu and making it through the next day. As you know, Kirkland Signature products always guarantee your satisfaction or your money back. I have tried several Kirkland branded medical products, including drugs, and find their generic versions to be just as effective as the brand name ones.
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