kitabi course ilm Amliyat (Part one & two)

Rathore Publisher kitabi course ilm Amliyat (Part one & two)

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nstitutional operations have been prevalent in secret and teaching and training from the first day. Under this, Khalid Institute of Acquisition Sciences, under the course of posting and classrooming, is based on operations, Jafar, Najum, Hours, Statistics, Taraat Cards, Ali Khan Aghaararat etc., as well as posting classes and classes. It is not possible for every student. After consideration of enough consideration, it was decided that science-related courses should be conveyed to people looking for students and operations in a bookmark format. Reader reports were previously notified about this, but due to other engagement, it could not work but now it has been practiced with the help and guidance of Allah. Early knowledge of this series of bookstore courses has been done with knowledge. This book also describes the guidance for those students who have been asked different questions in their minds. Apart from this, a platform has been provided to affiliate students and to provide the best guidance on continuous secrets. Each male and female interested in knowledge operations should surely be benefited from this manual course. Whether you are attending attendance, impressions, motivations, and sound guidance in every field, you have been guided in this booklet series. It is not that a process should be explicitly given to a person without leaving any other way to be regretted, locked, stressed, restricted to children, marriage, and family problems. Full and accurate guidance is our determination and intention. On which we will fulfill the help of Allah and we believe in Allah that through this booklet course you will succeed in art operations and get full skill. God willing.  
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