LED Insect Killer Light Bulb-White

Omart LED Insect Killer Light Bulb-White

By Omart
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Key Features: • 2 Light Modes • No Fumes, No chemicals, No sprays

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Features: Indoor and Outdoor use • 2 Light Modes • No Fumes, No chemicals, No sprays • kills flying insects instantly. The Zapplight is a 2-in-1 LED light bulb that not only features built in bug zapper grid, but it also has a very bright 920 lumen LED light. The bulb only uses 10 W of energy. The Zapplight bulb screws into a standard receptacle / socket and does not have any switches, dials or buttons that you need to activate. The bulb itself is wider than a standard light bulb, so that’s something to consider depending on your light fixture. The electric bug zapping grid is in behind a plastic cage to keep you from accidentally zapping yourself if you touch the bulb while it’s on – which is a really bad idea, so don’t ever do that. Only insert or remove bulbs when the light is turned off. The Zapplight comes with a small plastic brush that can be used to brush off the dead bugs – ick. The brush is too wide to fit between the plastic grid, without turning it sideways.
General Brand Omart
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Vendor omartpk
Features Ram 512MB
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