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About Buy LED TVs Online: Best Prices in Pakistan | Yayvo.com

Buy LED TVs in Pakistan at Best Prices Online – Yayvo.com

We start our day by listening to the headlines and end our day with the entertaining dramas and movies. In the presence of LED TV, watching all this on old model TV is just like spoiling the enhanced experience that you can get from LED TV.

Whether you are looking for a brand new experience to boost up the living room or a top-tier display to dominate home theater, LED TVs offer premium quality at reasonable rates. They turn to be quite versatile, depicting fluid visuals for sports fans, tremendous clarity for gamers and totally rich colors for movie lovers.

Equipped with Latest Technology

LED TVs are equipped with the backlighting, which mainly differentiates it from LCD. Making it simpler, LCD television featured with lightings to brighten up the display is termed as LED TV. All the big tech brands are using this technology and offering LED TVs at fewer rates.

Types of LED TV

Full-or- Direct-Lit LED TV: The full-array or direct-lit LED, have the LED lights fitted behind the intact LCD panel. They have good picture quality.

Edge-Lit LED TV: they have a series of LED backlights that run along the edges of the screen which enables the producers to make thin screens.

LED TVs with Local Dimming: Some LED TVs sported with local dimming, which means individual LEDs or group of LEDs can be dimmed or brightened.

Seeable from All Angles:With plasma TV or LCD, one has to straight in the direction of the TV to watch it. But LED TVs allow the viewers to sit in different directions as it is seeable from all angles with the same picture quality.

Conveniently Hang Up On Wall LEDs:LED TVs have so little weight that they can easily be carried and hung on the walls. So if you think to change its place, you can do that easily because it has no heavy weight to hinder your way. You can put them up on trolleys and racks.

Consume Less EnergyIts large size and amazing features indicate that it takes up a lot of energy but the truth is LED TVs consume less energy regardless of the fact that it is equipped with the latest technology.

Live Video Streaming LED TVs:Smart TVs have a built in connection to the internet. No matter which LED TV you buy, you’ll be able to stream movies, listen to music and play games right from the smart interface.

No worries if you have missed some of your important programs, you can easily watch it through video streaming on LED TV. Enjoy watching HD quality songs whenever you like with video streaming. Make your movie night magical with LED TV!

What to Seek For In LED Television

Some things are to be considered when shopping for LED TV. When buying, the place of the TV should be in mind as to decide accordingly which screen size will be the best. Resolution and inputs are the other key features that should be taken into account in the buying process.

LED TV Size:

Size is a very important factor to be considered when buying the LED TV. Usually it is suggested to have viewing distance around 1.5 times of the screen size (measured in inches). Room size is very significant else the large television overshadow the small room.

LED TV Resolution:

Another important feature is LED TV screen resolution. Mostly TVs are available in 720p or 1080i resolution, and majority of users prefer 720p for its quality of picture and sharp colors.

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