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Morals And Ethics For Sports    2014

Paramount Morals And Ethics For Sports 2014

By Paramount
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Author Name: Rafi>Publisher: Paramount Books (Pvt) Ltd>Language: English>Paperback /Hardcoverpaperback

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This is a series of books Paramount is very keenly developing for the general readers, under the emblem, Paramount Gift Books. The overriding objective of these books is the readersÂ’ interest. These books are reasonably priced; beautifully produced; presentation of contents is simple and pleasing to the eye; and equally important that the language used in not difficult to understand.We have done our best to make sure that the topics and issues selected for these books are relevant in the current scenario. There is a dire need for such themes and matters to be revisited with a fresh approach in the context of modern times. It is important that the process of rethinking on all aspects of human life continues unhindered, so that the dark cloak of stagnancy is not allowed to over shadow the progress of humanity.These books have also been created to serve as ideal gifts one would like to give to near and dear ones. Would like to give to near and dear ones. However, even if bought for own reading, the feeling would still be very much soothing, and more rewarding than acquiring anything else, no matter how lavish and high profile it may be in material terms.Author: Prof. Muhammad Rafi
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