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Premium Quality Tummy Trimmer - Black & Silver

HH Sports Indoor Premium Quality Tummy Trimmer - Black & Silver

By HH Sports Indoor
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Premium Quality The best medium of exercise Maintain your fitness level Helps to flatten tummy with regular use


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Just The Thing You Need
Bring the gym to your home and always stay at the top of your game by getting this Tummy Trimmer. This standard size equipment is ideal for light to mid-range exercises and just the thing you need if you are looking to reduce those additional pounds. The beautiful design of this equipment looks pleasing for you to enjoy while you exercise, and the durable rubber material will serve you for a long period of time while you get fit and perfect.

Small And Effective
A small and effective device, the Tummy Trimmer is a fun and engaging way of slimming that brimming tummy of yours. The Trimmer also works your arms and legs, offering an around the body training session. This Tummy Trimmer is composed of a high-quality chrome spring and a single tube system that ensures your strenuous efforts to reduce the tummy won't break the accessory apart. Strauss puts an emphasis on delivering quality products and the Tummy Trimmer is no different.

A Moderate Workout
The greatest asset of the Tummy Trimmer is its ability to work the entire body, making a much-recommended accessory for someone looking to give themselves a moderate workout. If you haven't got the time for the gym, there's the Tummy Trimmer waiting to be used. All you've got to do is put it down on the floor, get yourself in place and pull away at the comfortable handles. So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on this product now!

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