PSL Match Ticket Refund Policy 

If play is washed out without the toss having taken place a 100% refund is claimable.

If play does not take place at the ground on the day for which this ticket is valid, a 100 % ticket refund will be claimable 

If play is restricted to less than 5 overs in one innings, a 75 % ticket refund will be claimable. 

If play is restircited to 5 completed overs but less than 10 overs cumulative a 50 % refund is claimable 

If a cumulative of 10 overs or above take place no refund will be claimable 

For the avoidance of doubt, if 10 or more overs cumulative are played, then no refund will be claimable 

Hospitality Boxes and Tickets 

If play is washed out without the toss having taken place and a Hospitality Ticket is not validated a 100 % refund is claimable 

If no toss or play has taken place and a Hospitality Ticket is validated a 50 % refund is claimable 

If the toss has taken place and a ticket has been validated no refund will be claimable. 

The refund policy outlined above only applies in the circumstances outlined herein and does not apply for any other reason, inter alia, if: 

• The match is completed early in the normal course of play; or 

• For lost or unused tickets. 

The Refund Policy above applies to Express Center, Box Office & Online Ticket Sales as well as Corporate Bookings and Hospitality Sales through the Official ticketing Partner of PCB and in the the case of Hospitality Sales by PCB directly. 

Within 5 days after the relevant match for which a refund may be claimed PCB shall announce the dates and procedures for refunds of tickets through a Media Release and on its official Digital Platforms. 

Terms & Conditions of Sale 

These conditions govern all tickets and admission to any venue for the match(es) specified on the ticket. A ticket holder shall, by a ticket, be deemed to have been made aware of and to have accepted and be bound by the conditions. Defined terms used below shall have the iven in these conditions. 

The Conditions incorporate the Venue Regulations and the Ticket Refund Policy. 

Tickets must not be: 

• Offered publicly (including on any website) for sale; 

• Offered, transferred or used in the course of any business or otherwise for commercial gain; 


• Offered, transferred or used in relation to any promotional purpose, as a prize or otherwise bundled with any other goods or services (including as part of any hospitality or travel package), in each case without the prior written authorization of the Pakistan Cricket Board through its competent authority in writing. 

• Please keep your ticket with you at all times. Pakistan Cricket Board and/or any Authorized Person may refuse admission to or eject from the Venue without refund a Ticket holder who, in their reasonable opinion: 

• Does not produce a valid ticket upon request; 

• Is in breach of any of the Conditions; 

• Is in breach of any applicable law, regulation, condition or policy. 

• Fails to comply with instructions from any authorized person, police, or other security officer; 

• Enters any area within the Venue where he/she is not permitted (including the playing field); and/or 

• Is in possession of a Prohibited Item. 

It shall be a breach of the Conditions for any Ticket holder to engage in any conduct (whether through the use of language, gestures or otherwise) which is likely to offend, insult, humiliate, intimidate, threaten, disparage or vilify any other person (including players, match officials or spectators) on the basis of their race, religion, culture, colour, descent, national or ethnic origin. Such conduct will not be tolerated and is likely to result in ejection from the Venue. 

It shall be a breach of the conditions for any Ticket holder to engage in any form of ambush marketing or to conduct any activity that conflicts with, impairs, infringes or denigrates the rights of any commercial partner. 

A valid ticket permits the Ticket holder admission to the Venue and to view the Match(es) to which it relates from the seat or area specified on the Ticket. Please note that ticket holders who leave the venue at any time during play must ensure they retain their ticket stub and must present the stub in order to re-enter the venue. 

Pakistan Cricket Board reserves the right at its discretion to make alterations to the time, date and/or venue of any Match 

Each person who is 4 years of age or older seeking admission to a venue will require his/her own ticket. For the avoidance of doubt any person requiring a seat will require a ticket. 

Prohibited Items include; Glass bottles and cans, fireworks, flares, weapons, firearms, and any other items considered dangerous by the Venue Security Officials. 

Ticket holders shall not themselves conduct any form of betting or gambling at or around the Venue nor facilitate the conduct by a third party of any form of betting or gambling at or around 

the Venue or elsewhere in the world by any means whatsoever (including the use of any form of electronic or mobile device). 

Photographs and/or any other recordings of sounds made or images taken within a Venue may be used for personal, private, non-commercial and non-promotional purposes only. 

The Ticket holder acknowledges that his/her presence at the Venue is at his/her own risk and that the Pakistan Cricket Board and Official Ticketing Agents are Not liable for any loss, damage or harm howsoever arising from the Match and his/her attendance at the Venue. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I buy my tickets online from anywhere else?

No. Yayvo.com/ is the exclusive online ticketing partner for HBL PSL 2020 matches in Pakistan. Please beware of scammers who tell you otherwise.


2. What date can I collect my tickets from?

An SMS will be sent to you on your mobile number to inform you about the start date for ticket collections.- (Not finalized yet)


3. Will I need my CNIC to watch the match?

Yes, you will need to take your original CNIC with you to watch the match because your CNIC number will be printed on your ticket.


4. Can I make changes in my name, CNIC and residential details after ordering?

No, once you order your ticket you cannot make any further changes in it.


5. What is the maximum limit of tickets per CNIC applicable only for HBL PSL Tickets?

Each CNIC is limited to purchase 7 tickets per match. In the case that tickets have been purchased from both the TCS Express Center and Yayvo Tickets. Your whole online order may get cancelled if the CNIC limit for the match has been exhausted.


6. After purchasing from Yayvo Tickets, can I buy tickets from TCS express centers for the same match?

Yes, you can buy from TCS Express Centers for the same match only if your CNIC limit of 7 tickets per match has not been exhausted. If you have already purchased 7 tickets online and wish to purchase more tickets for the same match, you should use another CNIC to purchase additional tickets.


7. How do foreigners purchase tickets for HBL PSL 2020?

For foreigners without CNIC/NICOP, please contact our customer service representative by clicking on the chat option.


8. I could not attend the match I had purchased a ticket for. Can my ticket be utilized for any other match in the same city or for the same team?

No. Tickets can only be used for the exact match, city and enclosure that you had purchased.


9. How are home delivery charges being calculated?

Delivery charges of Rs. 150 will be charged for each item that is in your cart irrespective of quantity. In simpler terms, you will be charged a delivery fee of Rs. 150 per enclosure that you add in your cart no matter how many of the same tickets are in your cart.


10. I am under 18 years old and don’t have a CNIC, how can I purchase tickets?

You can use the Citizenship Number as mentioned in your Form B to purchase tickets easily.


PCB Terms & Conditions


• Any firearms, toy guns, explosives, firecrackers, cigarette, match box, lighters, any sharp-edged instrument like knife and metal/wooden clubs are not allowed inside the stadium.

• Eatables, drinks, glass/ plastic bottles/ cans are strictly forbidden inside the venue.

• No flag except for the national flag of Pakistan or HBL PSL is allowed inside the venue.

• Any banner/poster/placard displaying discrimination or obscene remarks on the grounds of race, religion or ethnicity are strictly forbidden.

• No camera, laser pointer, laptop or any other such material is allowed inside the venue.

• Spectators are not allowed to throw any objects on the ground and on the performers and fellow spectators.

• Any other items considered dangerous to the event will not be allowed inside the venue.

• This ticket is owned & issued by the Organizer who reserves the right to cancel/revoke the same at its sole discretion at any time without assigning any reason.

• This ticket is issued subject to the terms and conditions of the event Organizer, available at designated TCS Express Centers and www.yayvo.com.

• Each ticket holder shall carry his valid original CNIC/Passport or Form B (for below 18 years of age group) for entry in the venue along with one (01) copy of valid CNIC/Passport or Form B of the purchaser of the ticket.

• This ticket is sold subject to the Organizer’s unconditional authority and right to alter the announced schedule of any event, at any time at the sole discretion of the Organizer, or as a result of force majeure. 

• Every ticket holder, including children over 4 years of age, must be in possession of a valid ticket which shall be produced when demanded, to gain entry at the venue, or any other time.

• This ticket is solely for personal use of the holder; any sale or offer of sale to a third party may result in cancellation by the Organizer at any time at its sole discretion. 

• Notwithstanding the above, in case the ticket is found to be resold or transferred for profit or commercial gain by anyone other than the Organizer or any of their authorized agents, the ticket will become void and the holder may be refused entry or removed from the venue.  Organizer reserves its right to take any and/or all corrective, legal or remedial measures as deemed appropriate.

• No entry shall be allowed if the barcode/QR Code on the ticket is found tampered with or the ticket appears to be defaced/damaged/mutilated.

• Any decision taken by the Organizer in respect of the ticket including entry of the ticket holder shall be deemed final and binding.

• The Organizer reserves the right to refuse entry and to remove the ticket holder after entry, if found involved in violent and/or objectionable activity; such refusal or removal, may include use of force.

•The Organizer reserves the right to form any refund policy at its sole discretion

•The relevant Refund Policy can be found at the official PSL website www.psl-t20.com and www.pcb.com.pk.

•Seating within the stands is absolutely on a first-come, first-served basis as mentioned on the ticket. The ticket holder shall have no right to enter any other stand.

•CNG vehicles are not permitted within the venue or designated parking areas

•Any children over the age of 4 require a valid ticket. For avoidance of doubt anyone requiring a seat will require a valid ticket

• The Organizer does not allow any organization or group of people to carry out unauthorized in-stadium marketing of its corporate brand name or any of its products. Organizer holds the right to deny entry, confiscate marketing or promotional material or/and cancel the tickets without refund. Any promotion in the form of banners, placard, t-shirts, flags or caps is prohibited.

• Purchase of tickets from any source other than TCS and Yayvo is strictly discouraged.

• You can verify the ticket from the following link: https://tickets.yayvo.com/?ticket-verification or www.tcsexpress.com

• Please note that this verification is contingent upon the fact that other physical security features of the ticket are met. TCS reserves the right to deny entry at venue gates if the genuineness of the ticket is questionable.