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What to look for in Smartphone

There is a lot of competition in the Smartphone industry. You get to see a lot of phone sets from different companies. With so many sets, it sometimes get difficult to choose the appropriate phone which suits your needs. The basic elements that need to be taken into account are Memory, storage and processor. For multi-tasking without getting the phone hanged, you need enough memory space. Good amount of storage is required if you intend to have music, videos, games and pictures in the phone. Most speed for games and multi tasking works well with 4GB RAM. There is a huge list of processors found in Smartphones, in short if you are looking for speed, go big with multi-core processor.

The other factors that you can check are:

Screen Size: Many phones are coming with super large screens that are no doubt easy on the eyes but larger screen may means a large phone which is not pocket friendly. You need to see what screen size is perfect for your needs. For example if you like to watch a lot of videos, games, songs and movies on the phone, then go for big screen, if you want to use one hand phone go for 5’’ screen.

Screen Resolution: It is equally important. The higher the resolution, the crisper and clearer the display will look.

Camera: Camera features differ in all Smartphones. Some offer 3 MP cameras ranging up to 16 MP. Some offer front camera for selfies and video conference, while some offer only primary camera.

Battery: The higher the battery, the longer the life of the phone will be. High battery enables to use the phone for long time without charging it again and again.

Software Updates: It’s quite essential that the phone updates software automatically. But not all android phones have automatic update feature. Go for iPhone if you want a phone that’s easy to use and get automatic software updates.

Operating System: OS is basically software that allows running applications and programs. The two major smart phone operating systems are Android and iOS with Android being the market leader worldwide.

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