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About Yayvo Subh-e-Nau 

Yayvo Subh-e-Nau is back with a fresh new look that is bigger and better! Tune into our new and improved interactive morning show called Yayvo…Subhe Nau on PTV to chat with your favorite celebrities. If that is not enough call us to get a chance to be one of the two lucky winners who win free gifts delivered within 60 minutes via TCS Hazir. Stay connected with the host and the guests in real time! To make this show even better, A regular segment will involve expert image consultants who will give valuable grooming advice, as well as tips to enhance your personality helping you to achieve inner peace, gain confidence and maximize your potential. Wait! There’s more. Real life passion players will share their candid thoughts and success stories to inspire you every day. A truly unique experience brought to your TV screens every day by TCS. Just tune into PTV every morning for Yayvo…Subh Nau. .