Glow Serum

Smooth application
It's also known to increase collagen which helps smooth out skin's texture and reduce the look of wrinkles.
Rs. 1,895

Sun Block

Key Features: 
Smooth application
Neutralizes the skin from damaging
Rs. 2,499

Whitening Moisturizer

Vitamin E oil is rich in antioxidants that eliminate acne and acne scars. 
Neutralizes the skin damaging free radicals, aids in cell repair and regeneration.
Rs. 3,199

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Truly Komal Online Store in Pakistan

Help revolutionise Skin Care in Pakistan!

Truly Komal Sunscreen SPF50 Available at Yayvo.com

Protect yourself from the harsh Pakistani sun and its numerous damaging effects like sun damage, discoloration, dark spots, sagging or leathery skin, and wrinkles with the lightweight, fast absorbing, and super blocking formula of the Truly Komal SPF50 Sunscreen.

This product is 100% safe, and free of all Parabens, Preservatives, Phthalates and Petrochemicals which makes it safe to even use on children.

Truly Komal Glow Serum Available at Yayvo.com

The Truly Komal Glow Serum is designed using state-of-the-art stem cell technology which rejuvenates your skin from the cellular level. Natural antioxidants which boost collagen production ensure that you will never have dull and dry skin. Start glowing without using anything synthetic, since our products do not contain any Parabens, Preservatives, Phthalates and Petrochemicals, and have healthy and happy skin within a few days!

Truly Komal Nourishing Whitening Cream Available at Yayvo.com

The Truly Komal Nourishing and Whitening Cream nourishes and moisturises your skin, leaving it hydrated, smooth and glowing. This product also reduces hyperpigmentation, so your skin will be immaculate after only a couple weeks’ use. Like all of our products, the cream is Parabens, Preservatives, Phthalates and Petrochemicals free, which means it can be used numerous times during the day.