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Online Mobile Phones & Tablets Store in Pakistan

Have you decided to buy mobile phone online in Pakistan! Mobiles and Tablets are like our new companions; we spend almost our half day with our mobile phones in capturing moments, listening music, watching videos, being connected with our friends and family. Yayvo offers you a wide range of mobile and tablets online in Pakistan at a very amazing price that no other can offer you. 

There was a time when mobile phones were only used for calling or sending text messages! But, in today’s era, mobile phones are not limited and have turned into smartphones. These smartphones are capable of doing every task of your daily life that you want them to do. Like, Taking pictures, managing your bank accounts, providing e-commerce solutions, accessing the internet with blazing speed, sending emails and a lot more.

Tips for Buying Mobile Phones in Pakistan

Pakistan is not left out in the race of buying latest mobiles. Here are the few tips that you can consider before buying mobile phones in Pakistan.

Selecting Best Brand for Mobile Phone

There are many top Leading brands, who are launching impressive mobile phones regarding excellent hardware configuration and overall mobile design You can explore all mobile phone brands available at Yayvo.

Apple Mobiles | Samsung Phones | Motorola Phones | Huawei Phones | Infinix Mobiles | Qmobile Phones | Xiaomi Phones | Oppo Mobiles

Operating Software (OS) for Mobile Phone

Most popular Operating Software (OS) for mobile phones are

2. Android

Both OS have varying functions and performance scale from each other. If you are looking for easy and limited functionality, than you can select IOS. While in Android, you can avail many customization options.

Processor and Ram for Mobile Phones

Processor and Ram help your mobile performing tasks quickly and effectively. For 2017 and above years, your phone should have at least 2 GB Ram and Quad-Core Processor to run tasks smoothly.

Camera for Mobile Phone

A good camera also enhances the functionality of the mobile phone. Instead of focusing on camera’s megapixels, you should consider its aperture size; lesser is better.

Why do you need to buy Tablet?

Okay! Here a question arises, when you already have smartphones to perform your daily tasks, then why you will need to buy a tablet?

Tablets have almost the same functionality and features of mobile smartphones except for bigger display sizes and ultra-performance. You can use tablets for skipping usages of laptops like you can check emails, watch movies while traveling, or reading E-Books and much more.      

Tips for Buying Tablets in Pakistan

Tablets have same hardware and software configurations of smartphones like Ram, Processor, and Operating Software. But, still, you need to consider these two things before buying a suitable Tablet.

Display for Tablets

Tablets are available in many different sizes varying from 7 – 13 inches. Choosing display size for tablets is totally up to you like, how the bigger size would be convenient for you to carry around easily!

Battery life for Tablets

Battery life is a most important factor, which differentiates tablets usability from mobile phones and laptops. For ultra-usage and longer backup, you need bigger battery support for your tablets. Ensure, which tablet you are choosing has enough battery life to support your favorite activities.

You can explore all tablet brands available at Yayvo.

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