Roosta Popper For Salt & Fresh Water Fishing 80Mm

Halco Roosta Popper For Salt & Fresh Water Fishing 80Mm

By Halco
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    • Halco Roosta is on the cutting edge of modern popper design
    • Spectacular surface lure
    • Size 80mm
    • Head design which is wide at the top transfers to a widened tail end
    • Unique design creates a popper that is ideal for a straight fast retrieve or a stop and start bloop with exceptional splash
    • Design minimises cartwheeling and the rattle ensures significant noise coupled with the water spraying action
    • Made in Indonesia
    • Available in 5sizes and different colors

    The Roosta Popper 80 is an excellent choice for anglers targeting a range of saltwater and freshwater predators.TheRoosta Popper 80 withstands Australia’s toughest fishing environments, and prides itself on being a highly durable surface action lure. Boasting strong #3 Mustad 3XX trebles, your conversion rate will dramatically increase, helping you to land more fish, time after time.

    The Halco Roosta Popper 80 Lure is a retrieve popper and blooper with the potential to alter the action the lure has underwater based on rod tip height. Catch salt water fish during day or night with this surface popping lure as it splashes about attracting nearby fish. Designed to target salt water predators such as mackerel, trevally and many more, adding this lure to your tackle box will get you hooked on surface fishing for many years to come.

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