Support Occupational/Physical Therapy 5 children with Down syndrome

KDSP Support Occupational/Physical Therapy 5 children with Down syndrome

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The first 1,000 days are the most crucial for the development of children with Down Syndrome. By supporting a child’s timely intervention through physical and occupational therapy sessions, you can enable a child to lead an independent and fulfill...

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Since children with Down syndrome typically face delays in development, it is highly recommended that children with Down syndrome should receive Early Childhood Intervention from birth. Early Childhood Intervention refers to a comprehensive program of physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy designed for a child’s specific needs. Physical therapy focuses on developing gross motor skills that develop through using the large muscles of the body in a coordinated and controlled way and helps the child in achieving his/her milestones such as neck holding, independent sitting ,walking running etc. Occupational therapy enables children to participate in their occupations of everyday life i.e. work, play and activities of daily living. At KDSP, we aim to provide subsidized therapy services to ensure that their child is not deprived of the support and intervention due to limited funds or lack of access to resources. Your donation will allow us to support financially limited families of individuals with Down syndrome to provide them with the opportunity to focus on their child’s development.
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