The Great Imperial Hangover : How Empires Have Shaped The World

Favy The Great Imperial Hangover : How Empires Have Shaped The World

By Favy
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Publisher: Atlantic Books
Publication Date: 29/04/2020
Number of Pages: 384
Binding: Trade Paper Back
ISBN: 9781838950255
Categories: Politics

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  • For the first time in millennia we live without formal empires. But that doesn't mean we don't feel their presence rumbling through history. The Great Imperial Hangover examines how the world's imperial legacies are still shaping the thorniest issues we face today.
  • From Russia's incursions in the Ukraine to Brexit; from Trump's 'America-first policy' to China's forays into Africa; from Modi's India to the hotbed of the Middle East, Puri provides a bold new framework for understanding the world's complex rivalries and politics.
  • Organised by region, and covering vital topics such as security, foreign policy, national politics and commerce, The Great Imperial Hangover combines gripping history and astute analysis to explain why the history of empire affects us all in profound ways.
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